Kallay Hiil Academy

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Tim Garret (Fc: Drew Van Acker) 

Sam Callen (Fc: Evan Peters)

Ben Thorpe (Fc: Dylan O’Brien)

Garret Scott (Fc: Taylor Lautner)

Devon Clarke (Fc: Logan Lerman) 


Grace Light (Fc: Holland Roden)

Clare Faye (Fc: Juno Temple) 

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Wren Huntington ~ 15 ~ High School Freshman ~ Ella Fanning ~ Open

Why she’s at Kallay Hill:

Just like her sister Wren watched on as two masked guys murdered her parents, she was then sent to live with her aunt and uncle who tried their best to help her cope with what she witnessed. Being the younger sibling Wren found it hard to deal with it all, she going into her own dream world. She would be unresponsive for hours, it was like she was in a coma with her eyes wide open instead of shut. She felt safe in her own little world, like nothing could harm her. It got worse, she was starting to loose sight of reality. It came to a point where she didn’t know what was reality and what was fantasy. So her aunt and uncle decided to send her to Kallay Hill, in hope that the school would help her come back to them. Back to reality. Wren still goes in her little dream world from time to time but she now knows the difference between reality and fantasy.


Because of her problem with being a dreamer Wren has become really naive, she’ll believe anything someone tells her and that will sometimes get her into trouble. She’s pretty smart but doesn’t pay attention in class, she’s always too busy daydreaming. Instead she gets her smarts from reading, mostly fiction but sometimes she’ll read non-fiction. Wren’s very cryptic and most people think that she makes no sense at all when in reality she makes more sense then most of the people at Kallay Hill. 


Selena Huntington: Wren’s is one of the only people that understands Wren. To Selena what ever Wren says makes sense and Wren like the fact that someone understands her. They’re very close but you wouldn’t think it, they hardly ever talk to each other and find each other extremely annoying but when one needs the other they’re always there to help the other out.

Clare Faye:  Clare and Wren are best friends. They’re very similar as they both like reading, being cryptic and daydreaming. In-fact it was their common love for having their heads up in the clouds that brought them together. They’re a year apart but not even that can break these two best friends apart. 

Devon Clark: Wren has been dreaming about this boy ever since she laid eyes on him in her science class, they’d been paired up as lab partners and Wren has been smitten with him ever since.

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Ryan Tilly ~ 19 ~ College Freshman ~ Nick Roux ~ Open

Why he’s at Kallay Hill:

Ryan was bullied all throughout his school years, it was in his Sophomore year that he was pulled out of his old school and sent to Kallay Hill. You see what had happened is that Ryan had found it too hard to cope with all the bullying and tried to commit suicide, he was found hanging by his parents. Ryan was really lucky that they got to him in time. When Ryan got to Kallay Hill, he became obsessed with his appearance so now he’s not only having to deal with his past and how bad the bullying was but he’s also having to deal with anorexia, well he’s getting really close to becoming an anorexic anyway, only eating twice a week and when he does eat it’s one apple and two sandwiches.


Ryan’s image obsessed, he has to look perfect all the time. He spends half of his time staring at him self in the mirror and even though people think of him as cocky and arrogant he really isn’t. He’s really insecure but won’t show it, not anymore, not after everything that happened. He’s one of the most popular guys at Kallay Hill and is willing to do anything to keep it that way, even if it means ignoring his old close friends. He doesn’t mean to ignore them, it’s just he’s scared and really doesn’t want to go back to that un-popular kid that was bullied in his old high school. 


Grace Light: Grace is the girl that every guy wants to date but not Ryan, no. He thinks she’s beautiful and she’s one of the nicest most genuine girls he’s ever met but she’s more like a good friend to him and he doesn’t want to ruin that friend ship, no matter how much everyone else thinks they belong and should get together.

Daisy Cole: Despite her age Ryan has liked Daisy ever since the day he showed her around. Whenever Daisy wasn’t with Chasity she’d be with Ryan and Ryan loved spending time with her. Then he became a freshman in college and everything changed, he started getting popular and forgot all about Daisy. Until a few days ago, when he saw her. Now he feels guilty for forgetting about her like that and wants nothing more to make it up to her.

Garret Scott: Ryan is the only person that knows Garrets secret. Ryan had seen him standing outside a gay bar, not knowing whether to go in or not. So, Ryan decided to confront Garret about it and after a few beatings and a few tears shed Garret confessed. They’ve been best friends ever since.

Selena Huntington ~ 16 ~ High School Sophomore ~ Dakota Fanning ~ Open

Why she’s at Kallay Hill:

Selena watched on as two masked guys murdered her parents, she was then sent to live with her aunt and uncle who tried their best to help her cope with what she witnessed. She started having nightmares about it and started smoking weed to help her sleep, without them. Soon she became addicted and started to get paranoid, she thought that the masked guys were out to get her and found it hard to leave the house. Her best friend and her dealer would come over instead of Selena going out to meet him. It got worse, Selena wouldn’t even leave her room and the more weed she smoked the more paranoid she got. So now she’s at Kallay Hill, dealing with her addiction and paranoia. She’s also learning how to stop the nightmares and it’s working but how long will it take before the nightmares start again and she starts wanting the weed to help her again.


Selena may act nice to your face but as soon as your back’s turned she’ll stab you and twist the knife so it hurts even more, figuratively speaking of course. She’s one of the most fake people at Kallay Hill, even a barbie doll’s more real then her. It’s not one hundred percent her fault though, she still gets paranoid and is scared everyone’s out to get her, which is what makes her slag people off behind their backs. It’s a defense mechanism, all she really needs to do is let her walls down and realize that not everyone’s out to get her and not everyone hates her. 


Cameron Greyson: Selena has a small crush on Cameron but she knows he doesn’t like her and she knows it’s because of how two faced she is. She’s jealous of the fact that Cameron’s into Chasity and always slags Chasity of because of it. Selena wants to show him that all this two-face bitchyness isn’t really her. She needs to let him in but she’s not sure she can do that.

Wren Huntington: Wren’s Selena’s little sister and one of the only people that has seen the true Selena, the Selena that wouldn’t dream of stabbing people in the back. Selena cares about Wren more then anyone but she also finds Wren the most annoying person in the world and most of the time they pretend they don’t know each other. Typical sisters.

Sam Callen: Sam is and always will be Selena’s best friend, she was quite surprised when she saw him at Kallay Hill. She’d started just before him and didn’t know his past had affected him as bad as it did. She knows he’s keeping something from her though and she’s not going to stop until she finds out what it is. 

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Kallay hill academy , school and college for teens and young adults that have had problems coping with things that have happened in the past. Some have watched someone close to them die, some have been close to death themselves. Physical abuse, self harm, mental abuse, rape. 
Here at Kallay hill we teach our students to cope, we help them move on from the terrible things that have happened. 
Join the students as they battle through it all. Friendships will be made, arguments are bound to happen and love is bound to be found.
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Kallay hill academy , school and college for teens and young adults that have had problems coping with things that have happened in the past. Some have watched someone close to them die, some have been close to death themselves. Physical abuse, self harm, mental abuse, rape. 

Here at Kallay hill we teach our students to cope, we help them move on from the terrible things that have happened. 

Join the students as they battle through it all. Friendships will be made, arguments are bound to happen and love is bound to be found.

Ask / Audition / Characters / Rules

Cameron Greyson ~ 20 ~ college Sophomore ~ Michael Trevino ~ Open.

Why he’s at Kallay Hill:

Cameron’s dad used to hit him, he’d hurt Cameron so badly that a lot of the time he’d end up in hospital. He had just turned 16 when he finally snapped, he grabbed a baseball bat and swung it at his dads head, it didn’t kill him but it did give him brain damage. He told the police exactly what had been going on and instead of sending him to jail they sent him to Kallay Hill. Cameron doesn’t think he has any issues and doesn’t understand why he needs counselling, to him he’s completely fine but to them he’s far from fine.


Cameron’s one of the nicest guys at Kallay Hill. He’s a bit of a cheeky chap too, most people like him because of how friendly and easy going he is, he’s also a massive joker and loves pulling pranks with his best friend. There’s a big problem though, Cameron has a slight anger issue. It’s not an obvious one but it’s there. You see Cameron likes to bottle his anger up, he’ll show most of his emotions but not his anger. People say never bottle up your emotions and they’re right, the longer you keep them bottled up the worse the emotion gets. Because he bottles his anger up for so long, something inside him snaps when someone says or does something wrong to him or his friends and when he does snap it’s bad, really bad. Something that’ll definitely put you in hospital that’s for sure. 


Chasity Dales: Chasity intrigues Cameron and no matter how nasty she is to him, he still goes back. He sees the good in her, he knows loss and heartbreak was the reason she became cold and closed off. He knows she’s scared of letting people in and caring about them because if she does she thinks she’ll loose them. Cameron wants to change all that, he wants her to let him in so he can prove to her that he’s not going anywhere.

Ben Thorpe: Cameron and Ben are best friends, they’ve been best friends since their freshman year. Cameron and Ben are a bit like tweedle dee and tweedle dum when they’re together. They’re always pulling pranks and joking about, the only time they talk seriously is when they’re alone. Ben is one of the only people that can calm Cameron down along with Chasity.

Selena Huntington: Cameron doesn’t like Selena much, he thinks her bitchy ways are childish and pathetic but that might be because Selena’s always slagging people off, especially Chasity and her friend Daisy. 

Daisy Cole ~ 17 ~ High School Junior ~ Naomi Scott ~ Open

Why she’s at Kallay Hill:

When she was 12 Daisy’s parents divorced, Daisy went to live with her mum while Lewis went to live with his dad. Daisy had just turned 13 when her mother was diagnosed with cancer and on Daisy’s 14th birthday, her mother died. Right in front of daisy’s very own eyes. Daisy couldn’t handle it, she’d scream every night and had re-occurring nightmares of her mothers body, just laying there, eyes wide open and rotting, badly rotting. She was sent to a psychiatrist but they didn’t really help. So her dad decided to send her to Kallay Hill, along with her older brother Lewis. 


Daisy is one of the kindest and  sweetest girls at Kallay Hill, she’s also pretty independent and isn’t afraid to tell you her opinion on things. She hates it when people judge other people and will always give you the chance to show her the real you. She’s not afraid to stand up for what she thinks is right and will thrash you in a debate. She’s strong willed and always tries to do her best, failing at something just isn’t a option for her. Daisy is the type of person that will try to help you in anyway she can and will always put other people before herself, it’s one of the reasons she’s finding it so hard to stop her nightmares. To her she just simply doesn’t have the time to try out the methods the psychiatrist gives her, she has to help everyone else get better first.


Lewis Cole: Lewis means the world to Daisy, she’s the one that’s been helping him get better and it’s working but she isn’t sure how long it’ll be before he starts sleeping with more then one girl again. Yes, Daisy knows Lewis has a girl he’s been sleeping with, she doesn’t know who but she knows there’s someone. She’s okay with that though because at least he’s not sleeping with a whole bunch of girls.

Chasity Dales: Chasity’s like an older sister to Daisy and Daisy is the only person that has seen how loving and kind Chasity is. Daisy knows that girl’s still inside and she wants to help Chasity bring her out. The thought of loosing the sweet, kind, good Chasity forever terrifies Daisy. So she’d do anything to make sure the once sweet girl doesn’t die completely.

Ryan Tilly: Daisy’s had a crush on Ryan since she first arrived at Kallay hill, he was the one to show her around and welcome her to the school. He’s a College Freshman now though and she doesn’t even think he notices her anymore. They used to spend quite a lot of time together when he was a Senior and she was a Sophomore but now it’s like he doesn’t have time for her and she doesn’t like it.